La Faisanderie

Private House
Paris - France, 2017
Sebastien Segers -  La Faisanderie

Owner: Private
Location: 75016 Paris - France
Programme: rebuilding and refurbishing of a Town house Scope: Design and full construction management
Area: 400 sqm
Handover: 2017

Photographic Credit Sergio Chavez

Located in the district of Porte-Dauphine west of Paris, this mansion Mansart style dates from 1850. It comes from the division in 1948 of a building formerly the Hotel Baroness Goldschmidt-Rothschild.

Our project focused on the renovation of the existing building, maintaining its main dwelling and architectural style, the creation of two garden verandas and a rotunda greenhouse, and the interior redesign of all floors.
The focus is on the opening of interior volumes, the fluidity of spaces, the treatment of natural light and the quality of materials.

The main elements of the project include:

  • The creation of a monumental staircase screw, executed by companions of duty Making a custom dressing room by reusing an archive system
  • The creation of a bathroom entirely in statuary marble
  • The creation of an ‘artist studio’ on the top floor with a set of occuli
  • All furniture, fixtures and earthenware are made to measure

The architectural project is completed by the development of a real garden at the bottom of the plot, in collaboration with landscape architect Louis Benech.