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Sébastien Segers was born in Burundi in 1972. He lived in Africa until he was 16. He moved to Europe where he studied architecture in Paris (Paris Belleville) and graduated as a Chartered Architect in 1999.

Two men exerted a major influence on his way of considering his craft. The first one was Pierre Debeaux, an Architect and a Scientist, who transmitted him love for geometry and tenacity. Sébastien Segers shall comment, in his theoretical report, on the works of Pierre Debeaux. This report shall be developed in a book. The other, Bernard Huet, his Master during his studies, showed him how to compose Architecture and how to establish links between the classical and modern works. Such as Pierre Debeaux did, it lead him to have an original view on buildings.

His trips to Italy lead him to admire Carlo Scarpa. But his most extraordinary emotion was that felt when he saw the staircase built by Michael Angelo in the vestibule of the Laurentian Library in Florence. In the United States, the British Art Centre in Yale, designed by Louis Kahn, showed him a dimension that he had only found in Classical buildings but never in modern Architecture. He also noted how Louis Kahn treated serviced and servicing areas.

In 1999, Sébastien Segers spent two years working with Jean Nouvel, in the Paris Studio. Amongst other Projects he worked on the Beijing National Theatre Competition and on a High Rise Office Building in Frankfurt.

In 1996, he started working with Marc Newson, the Australian Designer, first in Paris, then in London. They still work together.
« I design a volume putting essentially the design language into an abyss”. Sébastien Segers always tends to add and subtract, and not to add and multiply. This is why he has developed the idea of a hollowed and sculpted solid volume so as to disclose a space. He is inspired by the “Goldberg Variations” by Bach and always sets forward a theme and its variations, leading the visitor in some sort of a rhythmic environment. Another fundamental element is the palimpsest notion that he works on, by constantly redesigning the drawing.

Since 2012, he has cooperated with renowned designer Jasper Morrison and with the artist Daniel Buren. These collaborations with great designers lead to an extraordinary sensitivity to the materials, perfection and precision to every detail and a consistency between architecture, design and art.

In 2003, Sébastien Segers opened his own Architectural Studio in Paris. Helped by a cosmopolitan team, he manages Design and Architectural Projects, in the luxury World, in France and abroad. His architectural creations consistently express a simple elegance, a reconciled materiality and a state of the art construction, with the ambition to achieve places both serene, optimistic and classic. Before being a plastic and technical adventure, Architecture is first and foremost, a human adventure.

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Sébastien Segers Architecte is a design and architecture company, leading sophisticated projects in the luxury industry. Sébastien and his team are highly regarded and have a strong reputation for delivering cutting edge design and state of the art architectural projects, in France and internationally.

The team has concrete and proven experience delivering all project stages, from concept to practical completion with a particular expertise in meticulous detailing. They have extensive experience in the development of international projects and are well versed in the management and coordination of complex architectural processes on a worldwide basis.

Sébastien Segers has established long term relationships with our clients, based on award winning design, efficient collaboration and seamless communication. The company’s strength is complimented by an international network of proven consultants and top tier suppliers.

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Marc Newson, Londres
Jasper Morrison, Londres
Daniel Buren, Paris


L’Observatoire International, NY


DBrain Co. Limited, Tokyo,
Woods Bagot, Sydney & LA
Adamson Associates, New York
BKSK Architects, New York
Sumu Design, Sydney & Singapore
PSA Consulting, Sydney
Laurent Goudchaux, Paris
Thomas McQuillan, Oslo


Kaupunki, Paris


Nacasa & Partners, Rafael Vargas, Robert D’Adonna, Thomas Bloch, Christoph Kicherer, Olaf Reuffurth, Dhaliette Sucheyres, Luc Boegly, Sergio Chavez, Antoine Baralhe

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Cape Advisors, New-York
Henri Seydoux, Paris
Marc Newson, London
Philippe Starck, Arcachon
Bay Michel Reybier, Geneva
HE Sheikha Mayassa, Cannes


Parfums Christian Dior, Paris
Azzedine Alaïa, Paris
Marie-Hélène de Taillac, Tokyo
Macquarie Global Property Advisors
SYN Corporation, Tokyo


MN Aeropace, London
Design Miami, Miami


TST Haitza, Arcachon Bay
Qantas Airways, Sydney
Giorgio Armani / L’Oréal, Paris
Grupo Urvasco, Madrid
RFR Realty, New York
Beetham Organization, London
NDIA, Doha
City Development Ltd, Singapore