Maison des Buttes

Private House
Paris - France, 2005
Sebastien Segers -  Maison des Buttes

Owner: Private
Location: Paris - France
Programme: Rebuilding and refurbishing of a Town house Scope : Design & full construction management
Area: 200 sqm
Completion: 2005 & 2022

Photo Credit: Sergio Chavez

Located at the stem of the “Butte Bergeyre”, the 1952 house built by Architect Fernand Riehl overlooks Paris. The house underwent a first restoration in 2005 and a second in 2022, both of which respected the original spirit.

The first campaign of works allowed to regenerate the house and to give it a new life. The project focuses on the complete restoration of the facades, faithfully to the original, and the realization of new interiors combining homage to the 50s and contemporary creations. The project was carried out exclusively by Compagnons: the locksmith Pierre Supeljak for the steel joinery, the cabinetmaker Hubert Weinzierl for the fittings, and the company SOE for the Roman stucco coating. The house acquires a strong identity and a living character.

The site is handled only by Fellow Craftsmen: Hubert Weinzierl, a cabinet maker, for the integrated furniture, SOE for the setting of the coating made of roman stucco including marble powder that covers all the walls and ceilings. Brass recessed joints underline the bottom of the walls and brass strips mark the edges. The flooring of the ground floor where one finds the sitting room, the dining room and the kitchen has been reinstated with the original Winckelmans small ceramic tiles. The brick chimney has a true fifties aspect and is renovated.

The Designer and the Architect are conscious of the details and they even have a travertine radiator tablet made for one specific radiator or even laser cut aluminium panels to hide the other recessed ones. A metal craftsman (TPU) builds a kitchen and the selected colour is that of the blue AGA cooker. A service hatch is installed between the Kitchen and the dining room. A travertine staircase protected by the original handrail leads to the upper level. Sébastien Segers slightly modifies the layout to have a larger opening over the space. A folding partition initiates a partition between the Bedroom and the Office. The floor made of leather tiles by Edelman Leather creates a soft and warm atmosphere in this very private area. The bathroom completely made of Furrer marble is a small Project in the Project. Sébastien Segers modifies the layout to have a room with a neater shape instead of a narrow and irregular room. The door with curved angles, as in a boat, makes you forget that you are in Paris. The result is that there is a masculine environment with extremely contemporary elements rendering homage to the 50’s.