Qantas First Class Lounges

Sydney & Melbourne - Australia, 2017
In association with Marc Newson
Sebastien Segers -  Qantas First Class Lounges

Owner: Qantas Airways Limited
Location: International Terminal Sydney + Melbourne + Los Angeles
Programme: Interior design of the first class lounges of the Australian Company Qantas airlines, on three sites
Scope: Design and construction management assistance
Designer: Marc Newson Ltd.
Associate Architect: Sébastien Segers
Executive Architect: Woods Bagot
Area: Sydney 2080 m2 + Melbourne 1060 m2+ Los Angeles 1520 m2
Completion: Sydney & Melbourne May 2007 + Los Angeles Dec.2014

Photo Credit: Thomas Bloch, Olaf Reuffurth

Marc Newson and Sébastien Segers have been in charge, since 2004, of the development of the First Class lounges of Qantas, having full liberty for the design of the premises. The leading idea is to recall the charm of the air travel in the 50’s and 60’s, the glamour and the adventure atmosphere of the Eero Saarinen TWA terminals.

In Sydney, the team suggested that the lobby should be raised, providing therefore a 180° view of the panorama of the tarmac and of the city in the far distance. The pavilion built above the existing terminal features a flying saucer. A mechanical staircase crowned with a brass ribbed lighting reactor leads to the reception. A 90 metres long pathway made of statuary marble cut to follow the curve of the building reflects the light. The serviced premises extend in front of the glazed bays like a control Tower whilst the ancillary premises are organised on the backside. The aerodynamic structure elements that are cladded with oak, and give a rhythm to the premises provide a spectacular environment. They limit the lounges and create an intimacy feeling for each of them. In the ceiling there are plaster boxes and on the floor is fitted a honeycomb carpet inspired by the 60’s. The library with leather fitted on the floor and the marble bar are installed in cubicles. The spa cladded with Vals quartzite and the vegetal walls by Patrick Blanc, account for the fame of these premises. All the bathrooms are made of Carrare white marble. These lounges, that may be compared to that of luxury Hotels, have had an immediate fame. The project received the followings awards : 2008 Skytrax Awards, Best First Class Lounge Award, 2008 Standards Australian, Australian International Design Award, 2008 RAIA (VIC) Award, Interior Architecture, 2007 Glass LEAF Award, Best International Interior Design.