Parfums Christian Dior

Paris - France, 2011
Sebastien Segers -  Parfums Christian Dior

Owner: Parfums Christian Dior
Location: La Samaritaine, Paris - France
Programme: prototype for a Dior triple purpose corner shop
Scope: Design and full construction management
Area: 40 sqm.
Completion: 2011

Sébastien Segers assists the team of Parfums Christian Dior to create a new shop concept for Dior with a
triple purpose (perfumes, makeups, care). Dior decides to implement a prototype in the vacant premises of
“la Samaritaine”, in Paris.
Gold, silver and black are the main colours in an assembly of brass, stainless steel, lacquered steel and retro lacquered glass panels. The Architects work with Craftsmen who are in the capacity of handling new materials. The soft material designer Sophie Mallebranche, as an example, creates a material made of stainless steel and brass wires directly applied to the walls or laminated in glass. The colour specialist Pierre Bonnefille conceives a paint with the print of a textile woof. A careful setting of the details is a must for the realisation.

Most of the team proposals shall be approved and developed for the Corner shops in Asia.