Private Apartment
Paris - France, 2016
Sebastien Segers -  M17

Owner: Private
Location: Paris - France
Programme: Refurbishing of an apartment
Scope: Design and full construction management
Area: 150 sqm
Completion: 2016

Photo Credit: Antoine Baralhe

The apartment is located on the ninth and last floor of a 1963 building, in the Picpus district, East of Paris. It used to be the apartment of the building architect, Piere Chaussade, who lived there over 50 years.

The project focuses on the complete renovation of the apartment and revolves around the favorite themes of Sébastien Segers.

The creation of a peaceful and serne place, Feng-shuei, with fluid spaces, gentle curves and complexity of light

The recurrence of geometric themes familiar to the architect: The ogee profile, the marine edge and the tapped angle of the fireplace

Harmony with the place by a «revival» 1950-1960

The quality of execution and the call to know-how: Secco OS2 steel joinery
French oak parquet, family business which intervenes in historical monument

All arrangements by cabinetmaker, team of duty companions
Marbrle maker from Carrara
Electrical equipment Meljac, French company labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Integration of custom elements

  • The «Echinoidea» doors, made by laminating a Macassar ebony blade between two glasses, the ebony being punched with tens of thousands of holes to let the light go moucharabieh way
  • Leather niches
  • The table of the terrace realized on the spot
  • The dressing of the radiator of the kitchen
  • Mirrors with bevel on the rear face redundant
  • Cornices ceilings reminiscent of classic Parisian ceilings but with a shape inspired by aircraft baggage chests
  • The coating of the chimney is an ecological plaster to which one added coral sand of a beach of Zanzibar to give it luminous reflections
  • The cork handles designed and manufactured for the project
  • The faucets and sanitary Caroma by Marc Newson